Project Overview

Paper Birch Energy is an aggregator of renewable energy via contract for difference, swap, or power purchase agreements, which provides a channel for increased production and sale of carbon neutral renewable power throughout the northeast U.S. Through this aggregation, Paper Birch Energy can provide a “synthetic PPA” to renewable power developers, allowing them to finance and build additional capacity.

Sustainability Profile
Provides for financing of additional renewable energy capacity. 

Sophisticated financial modeling to forecast pricing.

New Hampshire based; serves the Northeast U.S. 

Investment Profile
Total investment: $2 million. 

CS Solutions Involvement

Historically, to ensure supplies of sufficient renewable energy to meet legislated goals, utilities offered long-term fixed price Power Purchase Agreements to renewable energy developers, which allowed developers to secure financing to build their projects. Now, with the continued decline in renewable power costs, utilities may no longer offer long-term PPAs, creating a shortfall in renewable power supply.  CS Solutions recognized an opportunity to create an energy aggregator that combines smaller sources of power into supply contracts with buyers and provides the lowest possible cost of electricity, while providing contracts developers need to build additional renewable capacity.

Services Provided by CSS

  • Financial Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Market Expertise
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Engineering
  • Accounting