Project Overview

Secure Source Energy is a full-spectrum energy services company, which designs, engineers, procures, constructs, and remotely operates highly efficient Combined Heat & Power and Combined Cooling, Heat & Power plants, which provide on-site utility services for small- to mid-sized commercial, residential, and retail facilities.  These clean energy systems dramatically reduce a building's carbon footprint, while improving its resiliency.

Sustainability Profile
On-site energy systems reduce emissions by up to 80%, and help customers comply with new climate laws. 

Highly efficient natural-gas powered CHP systems, installed on site.  Provides backup generation and redundancy. 

Based in Connecticut.  Portfolio includes customers in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Houston.

Investment Profile
Total investment: $50 million. Pipeline includes 25 million square feet of projects in 5 major metro markets.

CS Solutions Involvement

Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in the greater New York City area, the need for reliable on-site power generation became apparent. Aging electrical infrastructure combined with inefficient transmission and distribution systems created an opportunity to develop a different solution. Under the management of CS Solutions, Secure Source Energy was founded to provide building owners and managers with energy efficiency as a service.


Services Provided by CSS

  • Project Finance
  • Engineering
  • Financial Analysis & Forecasting
  • Accounting & HR
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Operational Oversight